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The Sonata series of furniture can be a great addition to the living room. Products from this line are characterized by a reliable design and luxurious appearance. The main feature of the collection is the use of faceted glass, which adds aristocracy and sophistication to the environment. The set includes a variety of display cases with glass, a chest of drawers, a TV stand and a coffee table.

Each showcase has an original design. It can consist of one or two doors or be angular. The doors are made of glass, so guests of the house and the owner himself will be able to enjoy a nice view of tea sets, antiques or souvenirs. There are two doors and two drawers in the chest of drawers.

Outwardly, the "Sonata" series is the embodiment of classics, elegance and style. She is able to create a pleasant atmosphere in the house, which sets up to communicate with family and friends. The consumer can choose the furniture in the desired color. Regardless of the chosen shade, such products have a noble and cozy look, which emphasizes the importance of the owner of the apartment.

Collection products Sonata

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